About me

I am a number of things . . . a single father, an educator, a learner, a son and not any less important a geek. I 879942855_l.jpglove technology, though never have enough money to indulge the way I would like. I was a teacher for 23 years, teaching in classrooms from fifth grade through graduate school . . . in brick and mortar classrooms and distance/online learning environments.

I co-led the designing/development of an online educational program for middle and high school students. This program incorporated an innovative curriculum development model that effectively integrated content areas into units of study. Each unit of study culminated in students collaboratively designing, planning, and implementing a community service project in their local community.

After completing my Masters work in Pepperdine University’s OMAET program at the Graduate School of Education and Psychology, I  taught a class in Mentoring and Team Leadership in the OMAET program for three years.

My focus continues to be on innovative learning approaches and facilitating ubiquitous-ness of technology in learning environments. I have developed strong ideas and opinions on education over the years and lean toward “big picture” thinking. I am certain I understand just the tip of the iceberg, however, as always I continue to strive to understand it more completely.

I am passionate about the reconceptualization of what we call “school. I don’t think we need reform or improvement. We need to rethink school and design a relevant concept based on a newly defined purpose for our schools. An equal passion is the role educational technology can play in the process of rethinking school. Though I love technology, it is only a part of the change necessary in public education.

My own educational path has taken me from earning a BA in History (’84) to a variety of various courses in education (Secondary Certification ’92) and an MA in Educational Technology (’02) from Pepperdine University. I complete the Paralegal Certification track at Madison College in May (’09), focusing my attention on educational policy and the associated legal aspects of education. I hope to find a way to use my broad experience to coach educators as they design and implement professional development tracks (focusing on an Action Research approach). I also hope to begin presenting at conferences to foster innovative thought that will radically redesign school as we know it. I am also always on the look out for an opportunity to be involved in educational research and other innovative educational experiments.

I am currently living in Madison, Wisconsin. I consider it a great opportunity to be in the shadow of the University of Wisconsin – a great place for ideas and challenging thought.



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