Edublog Awards, A First Time Experience

This is the first time I have involved myself in this set of awards. This is also the first time I actually felt qualified to do so. So, here are my Edublog Awards (The Edublog Awards Homepage) nomination suggestions:

Best individual blog: Will Richardson: Webblogg-ed (Twitter)

Best individual tweeter: Steven W. Anderson @web20glassroom Twitter, Blog

Best group blog:’s Education Blog

Best class blog: Alice Project (Christian Long: Blog, Twitter)

Most influential blog post: David Jakes, Strength of Weak Ties: Me? Obsessed? (Twitter)

Best teacher blog: Wes Fryer: Moving at the Speed of Creativity (Twitter) (Note: You don’t have to have a single classroom to be a teacher)

Best leadership blog: David Warlick: 2 Cents (Twitter)

Best educational tech support blog: Sue Waters Blog (Twitter)

Best elearning blog: Steve Wheeler: Learning with ‘e’s (Twitter)

Best educational use of a social networking service: The Educator’s PLN (Tom Whitby: Twitter)

Best new blog: Venessa Miemis: Emergent by Design (Twitter)

Lifetime achievement: Diane Ravitch: Bridging Differences, (Twitter)

I feel the need to add a category. I don’t know if this is allowed or not, but here goes:

Best Educational Change Blog: Scott McLeod: Dangerously Irrelevant (Twitter)


2 thoughts on “Edublog Awards, A First Time Experience

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  1. I’m also honored to have made your list, and particularly in the “teacher” category. I’ve had some interesting discussions about the idea you highlight, that many of us are and remain teachers although we may not be in the classroom every day.

    Thanks for your nomination. 🙂

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