My Introduction

There is something daunting and intimidating about putting a first entry into your blog. Then again, maybe that’s just me and my obsessive desire to say things that count . . . as opposed to things that are of little value to anyone taking the time to read.

I plan on using this blog to discuss all things education. My love is curriculum and technology integration. Occasionally I end up on a soap box when I feel overwhelmingly passionate about an issue – don’t get me wrong, I feel passionate about education on all levels, but there are occasions when the issue really riles me.

I am going to attempt to make one significant post each week . . . that is my intent, we’ll see how it works in practice. I want to try and make these entries something that encourage other educators to explore their own practice in an effort to innovate, experiment and grow professionally. There is a comment feature so anyone wanting to take issue with anything I say is more than welcome – dialog is a good thing!

My career in education has spanned a little more than two decades and I have taught classes from the fifth grade through graduate level. I have also had the chance to substitute in every grade (K – Fourth) so I can relate to many issues and challenges that arise in education. My undergraduate degree is in History (with an Art minor) and my Masters Degree is in Educational Technology.

So from that professional/educational background is where I begin this experiment.

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  1. Ditto, my friend, ditto. I don’t know if I can promise one post per week on my new blog, but that’s roughly what I have in mind too.

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